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Dairy breeds perform in feedlots | The Land



Research is showing dairy breeds perform well from a carcase traits perspective in lot feeding, with Holsteins recording a better feed conversion ratio to that of beef breeds in trials.

The first grass-fed and feedlot cohorts from an extensive project led by Charles Sturt University have now been processed at weights of 300 kilograms.

While the Holsteins and Holstein-crosses only averaged .89 and .95 kilograms a day average daily gain while being backgrounded, compared to the beef breeds at 1.95kg, the dairy animals came into their own once they hit the feedlot.

Here, the Holsteins recorded 1.33kg/day weight gains, the Holstein-crosses 1.13kg and the beef breeds 1.28kg.

The project, which is also supported by Meat & Livestock Australia,…

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