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Just how do you keep your hat’s brim from flattening? | The Land



The popular online site Ringers from the Top End has set about tackling one of rural living’s more annoying fashion problems.

How do you keep your hat’s brim from squashing flat when you’re not wearing it?

The fun “ringers” site includes a jobs board for outback stations but is also an “online campfire” promoting discussion on the vexing issues of the day.

Such as, keeping your hat’s brim exactly the way you have patiently fashioned it.

One of the site’s followers wanted to know if anyone could help.

“I’m so sick of my brims being flattened when on wall hooks,” the site’s member said.

Well, RFTTE has been fielding all sorts of responses.

Sitting your hat upside down on its crown is the most favoured by outback types although crawling critters…

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